Two days ago, I attended my first Hackathon "AccelerateEstonia Moonshot Hackathon" hosted by Garage48, Palo Alto Club and AccelerateEstonia.

Despite a difficult start, our team finally managed to carry out a project beyond our expectations called oneID.

UI/UX designer

About our challenge: oneID - Estonia has a unique identity ecosystem. 20 years ago, it was visionary; the rest of the world is catching up to where Estonia was at the start of the decade. But the goalposts have moved. The next decade will see the proliferation of a number of challenges for identification: AI and autonomous agents that imitate human behavior, and deep fakes that make verification harder, quantum computers that break existing PKI based solutions, 50+ billion IoT devices tied to physical people (smartwatches to cars), and increasing demands for privacy, data protection and individual sovereignty over data. This is a proposal to rebuild the Estonian ID stack with an updated vision, focus on orchestrating an ecosystem of many more commercial components. This will give citizens control and encourage them to unlock their personal data; create new commercial opportunities; invite many more e-residents into our ecosystem; and create a more human-centric democracy.